In addition to essays, Vonetta is currently writing a memoir, Daughter of the Most High, about her journey from fatherlessness to forgiveness. 

Vonetta was a guest at her parents’ wedding when she was 3 years old. A couple of years after the ceremony, her mother decided that they should leave Camden, New Jersey for the idyllic pastures of Salisbury, North Carolina. So, they packed up and moved, leaving behind the four children from Vonetta’s father’s previous marriage. But one by one by one by one, her half-siblings came to live with them in Salisbury, shattering her parents’ already-fragile marriage. Her father eventually chose his other children and his budding ministerial career over Vonetta and her mother. Vonetta spent years seeking a sense of belonging and stability after being abandoned by him, running through friend groups and finally moving to Washington, DC for college. Ultimately, she learned to embrace her awkward Black girl quirks and believe that she is enough, regardless of how her father treated her. Or didn’t treat her, more so.